Amanda Mallardo

Product Design & Research

Helping a Modern Brand Through their Re-Invention

Transformation is never easy, but can go smoothly when the right team and the proper approach is taken. Working with a cross-functional team of product managers, UX experts, visual designers and front and back end developers, and an agile software development approach, the digital launch of the new CB2 brand was a resounding success.

Business Case

Modern furniture and home decor.

The Challenge

CB2 went through a modern-day reinvention including a new brand re-launch across their physical stores and digital products. Not only that, but it had to align with marketing and public relations events announcing their first celebrity designer partnership with the one and only, Lenny Kravitz.

My Role

Product Design | Front End Development


wire framing, A/B testing, User Interviews, Front-End Development using HTML, CSS, Javascript

The Results

Because of the user focus methodologies, our launch process, and working cross-collabortively with many different segments of the business, the launch of the new CB2 website and brand was a resounding success.

CB2 Web

amallardo • January 3, 2020

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